Into My Bed

Take it easy, do it simply, play it cool
Any other way I won’t want you
Please don’t hurry, let me worry, make me drool
It’s a long-term struggle between me and you

Let’s go for a walk
Around the vastness of our town
Let’s find out if we’ve got much in common
Before I let you into my bed

Make it happen step by step and understand
That I am not looking for a one-night stand
Stroke it softly, like this… hand in hand
Let me see you are no ordinary man

Let’s go for a drink outside
In a sunny afternoon
Mix it with a pleasant conversation
Let me know what lies concealed
So deep inside of you
I need to know your utmost information
Before I let you into my bed

Take me to the movies
And I’ll take you to a show
Let’s go to a fancy Italian restaurant
Let’s recall the time we met
‘Round twenty days ago
We will laugh at how it felt so awkward

And afterwards…
Well… yeah, maybe then…
I might let you into my bed


Lyrics and music by Roger Gascon